Music Examples for DYCP bid:

(Excerpts cut down to reduce your listening time)

These audio excerpts provide a snapshot of Andy's classical recordings.

Classical Recording excerptsAndy Guthrie
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This piece is an example of electronic music work. It is a remix of a choral composition I wrote. The original SSAA composition is a setting of a poem by Julie Boden. I conducted the choir and produced the recording.

The remix is released by the label I release electronic music through; Disco Gecko .


It demonstrates the application of creative music technology tools to acoustic compositions - where I have composed both original score and electronic remix.

Inuit Snow song excerptAndy Guthrie
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This electronic dance music composition features violin performed from my score by Mohammad Rjoub from the West Bank, Israel/Palestine

Undercover Mystic - Silk Road Mix ExcerpAndy Guthrie
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